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Prize Money  

Individual Event Prize Money
The meet consists of 34 races. For each race:

  Winner US$ 1,500.-
  Second US$ 1,000.-
  Third US$ 500.-
  Total US$ 3,000.-

UAE Swimming Federation will provide a total prize pool of US$ 102,000.- for the event.

In the case of a tie, prize money shall be shared (e.g. If there are two winners, no second place prize will be awarded. The total of US$ 2,500.- will be shared equally between the two winners, each earning US$ 1,250.-).
If a swimmer does not come to the awards ceremony podium, he will not be entitled to any prize money. Additionally each swimmer coming to the awards ceremony podium needs to be properly dressed up; e. g. wearing their full team’s tracksuit.

Overall Prize Money (World Cup Winners)
There will be separate rankings for Men and Women and the distribution of the overall prize money will be as follows:

  Winner US$ 100,000.-
  Second US$ 50,000.-
  Third US$ 30,000.-
  Total US$ 180,000.-

World Record Bonus

- A payment of US$ 10,000.- is made for each new World Record set at an Event but limited to a maximum pot of US$ 50,000.-.
If more World Records than the agreed maximum pot can cover are set, all World Record holders will then receive an equal share of the overall amount, rather than the US$ 10,000.- per World Record.
- Such payment will be symbolically made with a presentation cheque to be handed out at the awards ceremony.
- If in one same race (heat or final) two (2) or more swimmers better the World Record, only the winner of that race will receive the bonus.
- World Records achieved at a split will not be considered for this bonus (e.g.: World Record for a 50m achieved at the 50m Split of a 100m race). Any World Record bonuses will be paid for performances over the actual competition distance. No bonus is due if a World Record is equalled.